Inspiring staff by showcasing your leaders

Case Study: OVO Leaders Speaker Training

The Challenge

OVO, a new challenger to the ‘Big Six’ energy providers, prides itself both on challenging and developing its leaders, and creating an engaged, thriving environment across its fast-growing employee ranks. In 2016, OVO’s Talent Development team wanted to showcase the calibre of their heads’ of department internally, demonstrate thought leadership in their respective fields, and create a greater understanding across the whole business of the role of individual departments in the company’s continued success. The idea was born for a series of TED Talk styled events, to be delivered by OVO’s leaders as evening talks and captured on camera for sharing on the company’s intranet. The 100th Monkey was commissioned as a specialist training partner to ensure ‘OVO Talks’ were inspirational, informative, and memorable.

Our Solution

We designed and delivered a full programme of support for OVO’s leaders with two elements: developing compelling content (‘What to Say’) and honing an impactful delivery style (‘How to Say It’). We created a set of bespoke training materials, including content and structure templates, and delivered sessions via small groups and 1-to-1s. Our team reviewed and provided individual feedback on each speakers’ script and slide set, across the wide variety of topics covered, and provided additional, enhanced support to rehearse them on the day of the events, down to the fine details of stage direction. The OVO Talks series has been very well received internally by hundreds of staff who have attended, and successfully met objectives of promoting understanding of how the company’s individual departments fit into the bigger strategic picture.

Leaders Coached

Staff Attended Events

We wanted our internal leaders to shine, while at the same time engaging and enjoying the process of developing and delivering a brilliant presentation. The coaching provided by The 100th Monkey was fresh, fun and exactly what we needed. It took our speakers from structuring their first thoughts right through to on-stage delivery, supporting each stage of the process. We found the techniques we learnt could be applied to many different speaking situations, and genuinely turned our speakers from, in some cases, uneasy performers into accomplished speakers. Working with The 100th Monkey not only improved the quality of the talks, but was in a broader sense a really practical means of leadership development. Libby Townsend

Head of People Performance, OVO Energy