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Speaker Training in the Healthcare Sector

The Challenge

Every second of every hour, doctors and nurses use their experience and expertise, and the medicines and technology at their disposal, to save and restore lives. However, the incredible complexities of disease, medicine, and indeed healthcare funding, often result in presentations and speeches that take place within and from the healthcare sector being at best, hard to decipher, and at worst, completely impenetrable. There is comfort in going into granular detail and a natural reluctance among scientists to dumb down. For healthcare professionals, in particular, years and years of training rarely touches upon the core principles of communication. This can result in fantastic work and exciting developments being lost, and important decisions being delayed.

Our Solution

The 100th Monkey supports speakers across the entire healthcare sector – from consultants giving conference speeches and nurses inspiring hard-working teams to charity chief executives fighting for policy change and medical directors of pharmaceutical companies announcing advancements in medicines. The support we give comes in a variety of forms, including experiential small group sessions, to bespoke 1-to-1 mentoring and remote presentation review. We cater for those with no public speaking experience to prolific speakers, helping to provide tools and techniques that can improve everyone’s performance. Our approach looks at both what you say – the concept, the content, the structure and the slides, and how you say it – the words, how you use your voice and what you do with your body. Healthcare training is led by Joanna Edwards, an award winning healthcare communications consultant with 15 years’ experience than spans all of the healthcare sector. In the last four years, The 100th Monkey’s clients have included Sanofi, MSD, Bayer, Biogen, Lilly, The British Lung Foundation, Allergy UK and the NHS Academic Health Science Network. Commissions have included:
  • Leadership skills development programme for over 50 healthcare professionals in dermatology and rheumatology over eight days, including a two-day presentation skills module
  • How to use data persuasively in presentations; half day session for 45 MS specialist doctors and nurses (in groups of 15) Message testing, presentation and media training, delivered to nearly 50 marketing and medical directors ahead of a European licence for a new drug

individuals trained

European countries


felt instantly more confident to present


felt better able to develop an impactful presentation

Richard Edwards facilitated a multidisciplinary media advisory board at a significant moment in a brand’s lifecycle – the old messages had been heard, reported and were now being discarded in favour of the competition. Thanks to his clear, peer-to-peer, gentle guidance of the meeting, we are now in a position to go out once again with a much greater understanding of our audience. With interrogation comes understanding – and Richard brought his experience and appreciation of what makes a journalist tick to this essential meeting. Hayley Knight

Senior Communications Manager, Bayer

Jo Edwards is without doubt one of the two or three most complete professionals I have had the good fortune to work with. She has an inquisitive mind overflowing with creativity and limitless motivation. She will work tirelessly and is extremely focused when she has a goal to achieve. She is brilliant at thinking ‘outside the box’ to offer solutions which are highly effective whilst challenging the ordinary. Phil Sheldon

Director, Red Door Communications

Jo Edwards is horribly bright and really nice with it – you kind of want to hate her but the shear abundance of her charm and enthusiasm just doesn’t let you! Mark Sudwell

Corporate Affairs Communications Leader, Europe & Canada, Lilly

I left the session extremely confident and grateful that I had the skills to handle aggressive questioning while getting my messages across. Fantastic feedback from all levels of the organisation … if you have a crisis that demands a polished media performance, two hours preparation with Richard will yield a very high return! Penny Woods

CEO, British Lung Foundation