A dynamic face of policing to inspire public confidence

Core Communication Skills Development -- Sector Focus: Police

The Challenge

There is a common debate amongst UK policing leaders about how the extraordinary work their forces do on a daily basis is not typically reflected in how the public and media perceive and portray police officers. From many police we speak to, there is a recognition that officers could appear more dynamic, human and humane, not just in how they come across in media interviews, but in all public appearances, formal and informal. An issue for anyone facing daily public scrutiny in the media and beyond is the ease with which they can appear defensive (and the barrier that creates with an audience). A related challenge in the post-Leveson era is to debunk myths about journalists and enable a more positive, healthy relationship between police and the media, by breaking down an adversarial approach that can arise (on both sides).

Our Solution

Since launching four years ago, The 100th Monkey has become one of the leading media training partners for police. We deliver a wide range of coaching programmes for emerging and established leaders – everything from bespoke 1-to-1 mentoring for chief officers to advanced or basic training for small groups of Inspectors, Chief Inspectors and Superintendents. We have worked with a third of British forces, the largest and the smallest, including the Metropolitan Police, PSNI, Cheshire and City of London. All the training is led by 100th Monkey’s founder, Richard Edwards, a former crime correspondent at the Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard. Our approach blends the preparation of messaging (using unique templates) and question handling techniques, with intensive practice and review of mock interviews. We deliver the latest insights on social and digital media and how it has changed the required response to major incidents. We go even further, however, by introducing and embedding visual and vocal toolkits which enable officers to achieve greater impact in their style of delivery, and to feel, look and sound more confident, authoritative and in control. Commissions have included:
  • intensive preparation, rehearsal and refinement for specific TV and radio appearances
  • general skills development with realistic scenario-based sessions
  • targeted coaching to practice the media element of the Police National Assessment Centre
  • preparations and testing ahead of major upcoming events, such as the British policing commanders attending the Euro 2016 football tournament in France.
  • Social media awareness training for more than 400 rank-and-file officers across all forces

senior and chief officers coached

Police Forces & Agencies


of 60 participants surveyed said their impact and dynamism improved

Excellent training – unbelievably helpful. Goes far beyond traditional media training by an ex journalist – degree level stuff not GSCE. . Would highly recommend it.

Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police

Far exceeded my expectations. It was spot on for preparing us for what was to come…

Chief Superintendent, Northumbria Police

Very valuable use of my time. Relevant, credible and perfect delivery – best media training I’ve had in 24 years service.

Superintendent, Cheshire Police

Really beneficial to have received this well-pitched and highly focused training.

Chief Inspector, City of London Police